back to the basics 

You're here for the skiing, stay where you can maximize it. 

This is where you and your friends create the atmosphere. Get up on the right side of the bed; it's your Blanket and you know how it makes you feel comfortable more then anyone. Leave your ski boots on, spill your beer, sit next to the fire with a good book or jump in the snow three times 'cause you got the sauna extra hot.

...okay, now clean up that beer, we get the idea. No one wants to be stuck in a chalet with "that guy".


Join a camp or bring your own vibes with you and your homies     

It's a Chalet

"NOT a cabin in the woods. Chalets have three large, comfortable and clean outhouses." - Al Schaffer

Helicopter Access

Short flights from Revelstoke, BC.


wood sauna

Separate from the Chalet: our world-famous, 10-person wood-fired sauna, change room and shower from heat-generated water tank.


Queen semi-private to single beds. Mattresses, with pillows and slips provided.  **Bring your own sleeping bag and bed sheet


As fresh as it gets, immediately adjacent to the Chalet.


Fully-equipped kitchen 

Everything you need to get the whole group around the table. We've got a four-burner propane cooking range with oven.

large dryroom


Solar-powered lights and electricity. Wood-burning stove with propane furnace backup.


To oversee building safety, coordinate any emergency communications, or help get the bad jokes started 

we provide the pillows..... but dont give a sheet 

  • Group size: 14 guests
  • Dorm-style sleeping quarters: mix of Queen, double and single beds / mattresses with pillows and clean pillow slips provided.  **You provide your own sleeping bag and bed sheet
  • Heating sources: a classic wood-burning stove with large drying room & propane furnace as backup
  • Freezer: outside fridge bin and large indoor food pantry (electric freezer for warm spring temperatures) 
  • Solar electric lights / evening generator for charging batteries
  • Resident caretaker(s) to oversee building safety, coordinate any emergency communications and supervise simple routine chores (hauling water, splitting firewood, etc.)  
  • VHF radio communications in the field / emergency satellite phone in the lodge
  • NO WIFI = NO PROBLEMS - Welcome to the escape