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The Blanket Glacier Chalet was built in 1982 for its easy access to some of the best terrain for backcountry touring with the most consistent snow. Al and Marion Schaffer brought their own love to the Chalet when they bought it in 1986. Then they started their family — first with son, Marty, and later with daughter, Heidi — and the Blanket became a family affair. 

The Chalet originally was used as home base for the Schaffer's telemark camps with the Nordic Ski Institute.  It now remains open for self-catered/self-guided groups looking for an authentic backcountry experience. Marty's own passion for powder expanded to start his own guiding company CAPOW! in 2012, creating the opportunity for the Blanket to offer both lodging and a premium guided experience.

The Blanket is separated from the outside world by a short heli flight from Revelstoke over terrain far too complex to travel by land. It's a very special place, and, as a family, we're opening it up because of the opportunity of fun to be had. It's not to brag about luxurious accommodation. People come for the skiing, we just offer what we see as the comfortable and efficient "chalet in the woods" designed to get after the skiing. Call it what you want: the Comfort, Safety, or Family Blanket. Make our place yours, be yourself but most importantly have a really good time!