• Blanket Glacier Chalet (map)


We’re not kidding when we say we’re going shredding. Welcome to the never ending opening day! Bring your headlamp, expect to use it. This camp separates the humans from the beasts. Leave your emotions and vulnerability at home. Never show weakness!

There is a time for vulnerability in this life, but this camp is not it. With registered hard-asses Eric Hjorleifson, Chris Rubens, Mark Abma, Dave Treadway, Corey Seeman lead by the almost-crazed pace of guides Marty Schaffer, Adam Zok and Isaac Kamink you can imagine what this is going to be like.  Each camp will have its own flair, guiding team will change based on their availability...but be ready for a banger.

You’ll be coming in hot after a casual off-season, and it will hurt, but you WILL NOT show weakness. Drunk on first tracks, you won’t be able to feel your legs anyways.  We curse our core strength and deny our lower back pain and punch ourselves in the face before we admit that we are a year older. Our only objective is to shred with as much exuberance as a bunch of college kids throwing a keg party for the first time.

So: backcountry chalet, check, good people, check, fresh pillows, check, a sleeping bag for you to face plant into, check, vulnerability, in check. Come check out this four-day early season camp – we’re not kidding when we say we’re going to crush laps, except for when we’re crushing home-cooked meals or sweating it out in the sauna so we can go even harder the next day.

Bring your headlamp, expect to use it. Leave your insecurity at home. You’ll have a whole new set of baggage to deal with after this camp.


*includes everything