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You’ve taken an AST level 1, learned a lot about backcountry safety – perhaps even had one or two “trial and error” moments out there. It is time to take things to the next level. Come have a BLAST with CaPow! Our BLAST courses (Backcounty Learning and Avalanche Skills Training) are based on the most advanced knowledge available to teach the fundamentals of decision making in backcountry avalanche terrain. Skiing is fun and having fun skiing is our first priority, but we guarantee serious curriculum in our unique way of mixing good vibes with education.

The best platform for learning is real terrain AND its in an arena with no previous tracks to follow. You want to be able to learn how to travel safely and efficiently through a complex mountain environment. You want to focus on getting coaching in complex big mountain terrain, where you can gain confidence to make decisions on your own, in even bigger terrain. Choose the winning option with a curriculum from the internationally recognized AST 2 from Avalanche Canada.  Learn snow profiling (not racist), ski cutting, uphill and downhill movement, advanced companion avalanche rescue and communication, professional level documentation and recording and group management (dynamics are fun). Based out of either Blanket Glacier Chalet we want to take you somewhere you’ve never been before, or somewhere you have but through a different, more knowledgeable perspective.

Our goal is to develop the framework that you require to make decisions and become a leader. We’ll add the good times, but prepare for four full action packed days of learning (about yourself).


*Includes everything