make good choices 

Educational backcountry camps with a tonne of fun.  Our objective is to set a tone for a trip and attract those interested in that vibe.  Join solo or bring your buds.

You like the way a camp sounds and theres no space left?  

We custom camps, just let us know.

BL-AST level 2

Nov 29-Dec 3, 2017

Self-improvement doesn’t just feel good, it’s a BLAST! You’ve taken an AST level 1, learned a lot about backcountry safety – perhaps even had one or two “trial and error” moments out there. It’s time to take things to the next level. Might as well enjoy yourself while you do so. Live a little!  This is the first trip of the year - apply backcountry movement education in a fresh arena.


Nov 29- Dec 3 & Dec 3-7, 2017

 Chris Rubens // Eric Hjorleifson // Dave Treadway // Stan Ray // Marty Schaffer // Isaac Kamink

Think you can keep up? We’re not kidding when we say we’re going shredding. Welcome to the best opening to a season yet! Bring your A-game and a headlamp—then expect to use it on the way home, every night.



Dec 11-15 // Dec 15-19 // Jan 3-7

Because theres more to do on pillows then just talk. These are the steps it takes to progress yourself, wherever you see that going. You’d think this camps is just for females, but fellas pay attention, you could learn a thing or three.


Dec 19-23, 2017

Lexi Dupont // Marty Schaffer // Silas Patterson // Chris Rubens // Mark Abma

 A Young Gunz Backcountry and Avalanche Skillz Camp (parents, disregard the use of the letter Z) that teaches the skills, knowledge and respect it takes to make grown-up decisions in a remote, uncontrolled, backcountry playground. Ages 14–19.


March 17-24, 2018

Mountain Education Geared for Advanced Backcountry Learning and Avalanche Skills Training.

Think that’s a mouthful? Challenge yourself! This course is for when you’ve had few years of travel in the backcountry and you're ready to be a leader in decision making...and you're all like “holy cold smokes, learning is fun!” This camp is an intensive Backcountry and Avalanche Skills training course, so call it want you want: an AST 3 or a Professional Operational Level 1 for the Recreationalist.


March 28- April 1 // April 5-9

Spring has sprung, the snow has been building up all year and the sun is out. It’s the peak of the season, and it's time to come to harvest.