• Blanket Glacier Chalet (map)

We might not know much about – ahem, “hooking up” with your friends, but we can definitely get you hooked up safely to get into sweet terrain to SKI with your friends. Learn the ropes of going up, down, and across to the places you’ve never gone before. Navigate through complex glaciated terrain, learn movement in big mountains, rappel into a couloir: we’ve got a massive arena for learning.

Based out of the Blanket Glacier Chalet, this four day camp will provide you with an introduction to and/or more information on and/or experience with the ropes of going up, down, and across some places that you may have never been before. You can practice all you want in your living room, but nothing beats getting after it when you want to learn, especially when guided by the Caposse!

From navigating through glaciated terrain and learning about movement in big mountains, to rappelling into couloirs and not fainting, we’ll take you into the ideal learning arena. We have the possibility to go anywhere and get one-on-one, hands-on coaching (that sounds creepy but isn’t), in the terrain that you’d actually take a friend on a date that’s not-a-date-but-maybe-is-oops-hi-just-ran-into-them-in-the-grocery-store-classic.


*includes everything